Are there any lockers in the University Library?
Last Updated: May 31, 2019     Views: 1053

There are various sets of lockers at City Campus Library.

There are lockers in City Campus Library Basement next to the shop, that can be used for up to a week at a time. Please empty your locker by 9.30 am on a Monday morning, as the lockers are checked at this time and any items still in place will be removed.

The lockers operate on a 4-digit number of you choosing. To lock, simply enter your 4-digit code twice in close succession; a slow red flashing light indicates that it has locked. To unlock, enter your code.

There are also lockers in the Research Commons and the Masters Reading room that operate in the same way, but use of these is limited to the students and staff who have access to these spaces.

You can also apply for use of a long stay locker, which you would be able to use for up to one semester.