How do I access the book collection in the City Library Sub-basement?
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019     Views: 82

Some of the Library’s print book collection are housed in the City Campus Library Sub-basement. The shelfmarks are clearly displayed at the end of each row. The compact shelving as you enter the sub basement and down the right hand side is manual (hand-wheel drive). To open the shelving bay that you want to access, move the shelves by rotating the handle -  you must ensure that there is no-one in the open aisle before moving the shelving.

When you have opened the shelving bay row that you want to access, please apply the brakes to the shelving units on either side of the open aisle, by pressing the button in the centre of the handle. You can then safely access the collection. To release the brakes after use, simply pull the button towards you.  

Detailed instructions on how to operate the electronic compact shelving are provided at the end of each row.

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