Where can I issue/return books?
Last Updated: Sep 20, 2018     Views: 1130

You issue and return books at the designated self-service machines on the ground floors of both City Campus and Coach Lane Libraries. There are self-service issue machines and separate self-service return machines. At City Campus the self-service issue machines are the first thing you see as you enter the library through the library barriers. The returns machines are just outside of the library barriers and on the left as you exit. At Coach Lane Library the self issue and returns machines are just beyond the service desk along a wall and sign posted. 

You can issue books by simply scanning your Northumbria smart card and the barcode of each book in turn. You can then choose to have a printed or emailed receipt confirming your transaction.

To return books at the self-service machines you do not need your smart card. Simply scan the barcode inside the book and place the book in the correct letterbox shown onscreen. When you are finished press the appropriate option onscreen and choose whether you would like a receipt. For further instruction on how to return books using the self-service machines, please click here.

You can return City Campus Library books to Coach Lane and vice versa. 

Please return interlibrary loans to the Ask4Help desk. 

If you require any assistance using the self-service machines, please visit any Ask4Help service point.