What do I do in the event of a fire alarm sounding?
Last Updated: Jul 07, 2019     Views: 5

If a fire alarm sounds you must leave the building you are in immediately via the nearest fire exit, do not use the lifts. Stay calm.

If you have a PEEP then please adhere to that.

In Student Central staff will be acting as marshals and be wearing high visibility vests and present at most exit points, they will direct you to the safe area. If staff are not present at your point of exit then please get yourself to a safe distance away from the building.

You can not re - enter the building until staff have deemed it safe. 

Full building fire evacuation tests are completed throughout the term. You must comply fully with these tests, if you refuse to leave the building during a drill your details will be taken and passed to Security.

Alarms are tested each week in Student Central ( usually at a weekend) and at these times the alarm will sound for a few minutes only.