How can I access electronic journals?
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019     Views: 2226

Journals available from the University Library can be found via Library Search. A full list of ejournals is also available in the A-Z ejournals list. 

When accessing ejournals, if you are prompted for a user ID and password, you should usually use your University log in credentials. 

The Passwords to Resources page lists all of the platforms where University Library resources are available and whether a username and password is required to access content on that resource platform. It also tells you when a different credentials than your own username and password will be required.

On some platforms, you may be able to use the site without logging in, but may be required to do so when you wish to access content. Please be aware that in some cases you may need to click a link or button to login. Resource platforms may use different terms to indicate this, such as “Academic Sign In”, "Institutional Login", "UK Federation", "Shibboleth” or terms to that effect.

Where off-campus access is noted as being via Simply Web, this means that the resource platform doesn’t support username and password access. Information to help you use Simply Web is available on the IT Support 365 page, under the WiFi and Remote Access section.