How long can I borrow a book if I'm a part-time or distance learner?
Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019     Views: 402

If you're a part-time or distance learner we can send the book(s) you need to your home address, if requested.  Please login to Library Search, and then search for the book(s) you need.  As a distance learner you can place a reservation on an available item.

7 day books will be issued to you for 3 weeks, and 4 week books will be issued to you for 6 weeks. This is to take into account the additional time required for postage to your home and back to the University.

As with all students, any books you have on loan will be automatically renewed for a maximum of 4 months, as long as you have no other overdue items or you have fines of less than £5. 

All items that are out on loan can be requested by other borrowers.  As a distance learner, any items you have on loan are also subject to requests, but the books will not be recalled early.  Any requested items will generate an email to your university account advising you that the book has been requested and must be returned on its specified due date.