Can I include someone else's work in my thesis?
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Students are required to complete a declaration when they submit their thesis that confirms that the work fully acknowledges opinions, ideas and contributions from the work of others. Submission of the final thesis, post oral examination, requires that students sign and declare that all necessary third party copyright permissions have been granted before deposit.

Unless you have an embargo, the University requires you to submit an electronic copy of your thesis to NRL, the University's institutional repository. It is therefore advisable to get permission to include items such as illustrations, photographs, tables, diagrams and long quotes from copyright-protected materials if the exception of fair dealing for criticism and review does not apply. See the Regulations and code of practice for postgraduate research students for detailed information on the forms and framework of research degree programmes.

It is your responsibility to obtain written permission to make use of the third party materials in your thesis. You can find guidelines on how to do this here and you can also contact the Copyright Service for advice if you experience any difficulties.




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